Family Tree Research by a Professional Genealogy Company

Family Tree Research Company Heir Line Ltd is run by an experienced, professional genealogist. 


Along with a team of professional family history researchers, we conduct family tree research for clients across the world.  We have a proven track record and thus a reputation for being at the very top of the genealogy industry.


Be it local, national or international research, no family history project is too large or small for Michael Rochford, Heir Line’s young and talented professional genealogist.  He works closely with Caroline Rochford, who is also an experienced family history researcher and author.  With six published history books between them, and regular articles in genealogy magazines as well as the national press, there's certainly no better company to undertake your family history project.


Whatever our clients' requirements ... from family history or probate research to a fantastic family tree gift ... we can certainly help!

Family tree gifts and research by a professional genealogist

Clients with very specific genealogy or history research requirements can confidently commission Heir Line on an hourly basis, at £24 per hour.  Additionally, we offer fantastic, thorough family tree packages.  Our research packages make ideal gifts for loved ones, and furthermore are perfect for clients who are starting their family history from scratch.

Family Tree Research Packages, by a Professional Genealogist

Making a Present of Your Past


To discover your family history in fascinating detail, why not order one of our four superb research packages, undertaken by a professional genealogist?  There’s one to suit every requirement.  At the end of the project clients receive a fantastic family history report, full of detail and easy-to-read family trees, which bring their ancestors' stories to life.


We only ask for 25% of the package price before we begin the genealogy work, and ask you for the remaining balance in instalments as we progress with your project.  Consequently, there's a package for every budget.  We can ship anywhere in the world.  (Postage and package charges apply.)

Professional family history research by a professional genealogist

Package 1: £225

We will trace your direct ancestry back through ONE grandparent.  Our professional genealogist will trace your family tree as far back as eight surname lines.

Package 2: £450

We will trace your direct ancestry back through TWO grandparents. Our professional genealogist will trace your family tree as far back as sixteen surname lines.

Package 3: £675

We will trace your direct ancestry back through THREE grandparents. Our professional genealogist will trace your family tree as far back as twenty-four surname lines.

Package 4: £900

This is our most popular and comprehensive genealogy product.  We will trace your entire genealogy back through all FOUR grandparents.  With this package our professional genealogist will trace your family tree as far back as thirty-two surname lines.

Family tree research by a professional genealogist

Our objectives...


Our aim for each package is to trace direct ancestors back to the generation of your great-great-great grandparents.  The professional genealogist working on your family history will let you know if there is scope to continue tracing your family tree further back in time, once the research is complete.  Any further work to trace additional lines in your family tree is optional, and is therefore charged by the hour.


Our professional genealogist will provide detailed and comprehensive information about your direct ancestors.  This includes when and where they were born and baptised, married and buried; and what they did for a living.  We use a vast amount of primary sources (rather than just census records, or other people's family trees).  Consequently, we discover as much about your family history as possible.


We display our findings in a beautiful Family History folder, which is included in the package price.  The folder can be upgraded to a hand-bound Storybook, complete with pull-out A3 family trees, for an additional £195.


Personalised copies of the genealogy reports are available to purchase for other family members.  These make ideal and unique family history gifts that last a lifetime.


Occasionally birth, marriage or death certificates are required in order for the professional genealogist to pursue certain lines in your family tree.  These are charged separately, and will be provided along with your family history report at the end of the project.  There will also be the option to purchase additional historical documents, such as wills, ordnance survey maps or property deeds.

Family history research folders

Hourly Family Tree Research and Bespoke Family History Reports - by a Professional Genealogist


Clients who need assistance with very specific areas of their family history research can opt for our hourly service, undertaken by a professional genealogist.  Perhaps there is an old family legend you would like to investigate.  Maybe you live in an old property and would like to know the history of your house.  Whether you’re a hobbyist genealogist researching your own family tree, or a professional family historian working for your own clients, Heir Line can help with any aspect of your work.


Our professional genealogists have access to millions of genealogical records from across the globe and have the skills to interpret them. We also have an exceptional track record for successfully knocking down those irritating “brick walls” that so many people encounter as part of their family history research.


Clients can commission our family history research services in blocks of three, five or ten hours at a time, at £24 per hour.  This enables them to control their budget.  At the end of each block we provide a thorough, narrative report outlining our findings, complete with family tree diagrams.


After the package...


Because we keep all research on file clients can commission further work if desired, extending chosen lines.  Sometimes these can be traced back many generations.


Some clients commission further blocks of hours to send us to places of interest.  Our office is close to the West Yorkshire Archive Service, as well as the Borthwick Institute at York University, and other Yorkshire record offices.  Because we are close to the motorway network we can travel all over the Yorkshire region, and beyond, to find and photograph headstones.  We have even found the houses, streets and buildings where clients' ancestors lived and worked.  

Old Document Transcription Services


Reading old handwriting can be difficult.  Our head professional genealogist has many years' experience of reading and transcribing old documents, and can therefore undertake work to transcribe:


Medieval / Tudor / Elizabethan wills

Jacobean subsidies

14th century poll tax records

16th century subsidy rolls

Georgian and Victorian wills and inventories

Early manoral records and court rolls


We charge £24 per hour for our old document transcription service.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your history requirements.

Professional genealogist offering old document transcription services

Here are some examples of the documents we transcribe.  Don't know what they say?  Don't worry - we do!