You can either commission Heir Line on an hourly basis, at £24 per hour, if you have specific requirements, or you can purchase one of our fantastic, thorough family tree research packages as outlined on the left.  

Our packages make ideal gifts for loved ones, and are perfect for when you’re starting from scratch.

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Family Tree Research - Professional and Affordable




Heir Line is a professional, thorough and experienced family-run genealogy business with a fast growing reputation for being at the very top of the family history profession.  

We trace family trees for clients from all over the world, and are attracting much media interest because of the fantastic ancestral stories we uncover.  Click here to read the latest news articles about Heir Line!

Unlike some other professional genealogists, Michael and Caroline Rochford are a young, enthusiastic and talented team with exceptional IT skills, allowing them to find and interpret a wide range of genealogical records quickly and easily.  They have solved countless family history mysteries, when others had given up, and have received glowing references from clients across the globe.


Once you have commissioned your research, Heir Line can offer you three unique and fantastic ways to display your family history, each containing a wealth of information about your direct and indirect ancestors:

1.   Narrative Family History Reports and Statistical Reports, illustrated and presented in springback folders.  You will receive one statistical report free of charge when you order a research package, and you can purchase additional, personalised copies for family members at £75 each.  Alternatively you can commission hourly research at £24 per hour: at the end of the commission we will provided you with a beautiful narrative report, outlining our findings.

2.   Unique hand-bound, gold-embossed Storybooks, charting your ancestry.  These come with A3 pull-out family trees and even a full colour family photograph album!  They make ideal ways to display our package research findings, and each personalised, hand made copy costs £195.

3.   Beautiful ready-to-frame family trees, printed on large paper.  Prices start from £65, plus your chosen research package or block of hours.

If you want to discover your family history in fascinating detail, then you can order one of our four superb research packages.  There’s one to suit every requirement, so contact us to discuss your project.  You never know what’s waiting to be discovered!  

Only 25% of the package price is required in order for us to begin the work, with the remaining balance payable in instalments as the project progresses.  We can ship anywhere in the world.  (Postage and package charges apply.)

PACKAGE 1 - £225

Your direct ancestry will be traced back through ONE grandparent, such as your father’s father, (researching up to eight of your family's surname lines).  View a diagram.

PACKAGE 2 - £450

Your direct ancestry will be traced back through TWO grandparents, such as your father’s father AND your mother’s father, (researching up to 16 of your family's surname lines).  View a diagram.

PACKAGE 3 - £675

Your direct ancestry will be traced back through THREE chosen grandparents, (researching up to 24 of your family's surname lines).  View a diagram.  

PACKAGE 4 - £900

Our most popular and comprehensive product.  Your entire genealogy will be traced through ALL your four grandparents, where records are available, (researching up to 32 of your family's surname lines).  View a diagram.


If you have a specific area of research with which you need assistance, then our hourly research service is the best option for you.  Perhaps you have already begun tracing your family tree and have hit a brick wall, or there is an old family legend you would like to investigate.  

Whatever your requirements, we have the skills to help with any genealogical project and tell you all about the lives of your ancestors.  We have also helped to solve countless family mysteries that other genealogists have been unable to crack.  Read some client testimonials.

You can commission blocks of three, five or ten hours at a time, at £24 per hour, enabling you to control your budget.  At the end of each block we will provide you with a thorough, narrative report outlining our findings.  These are sometimes illustrated with extracts from parish records and other relevant documents, and we can even source old historic maps of Britain, showing where your ancestors used to live.

Because Heir Line’s genealogists are published history authors, with books for sale all over the world, you can be sure that all our reports are of the highest quality.  At the end of the report we will highlight further areas of research that could be explored in the future, and we keep your research on file should you wish to return to it at a later date.

You could also use your block of hours to send us to archives, record offices, libraries, churchyards or other places of interest where we can retrieve those much sought-after records such as wills, parish records and historical maps.  We can even take photographs of gravestones and the places where your ancestors came from.

Genealogy is one of the UK’s fastest growing industries, thanks in part to popular TV shows such as the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? and, of course, period dramas such as Downton Abbey.  After all, everybody longs to know whether their ancestors were from “upstairs” or “downstairs”!

Genealogy is a fascinating subject, but exceptionally time consuming and often difficult and frustrating.  That’s what we are here for!  Not only can we successfully interpret historical records and trace hundreds of your ancestors, we are also able to delve much further into history, offering you a glimpse into your past.  In short, we can provide you with an enlightening experience that can change your life.  

You may learn some surprising things about your heritage, and even meet the skeletons that were once locked tightly away in the closet!

You’re absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! Amazing - thank you very, very much.  You are fantastic, did you know that?  You have changed my life.

- Mrs. Pepworth, Bridlington, UK


Thank you for what is a great piece of work in putting our family tree together. Very impressed by the depth and detail you have gone to and produced. It is a remarkable and thoroughly professional piece of work.

- Mr. and Mrs. Jowett, North Yorkshire, UK


You're wonderful; my hero.  Here in Australia we simply don't have people of your calibre.

- Ms. M. Doyle, Australia


There are no words to describe the pleasure and excitement [my friend] had, is

having and will always have, with the gift of your wonderful work. She was so very surprised and amazed at all that you found and I cannot thank you enough. I have no doubt that they will be contacting you for more! Once again, thank you so very much.

- Aster Lefevre, France


Wow.  Many thanks.. excellent work!!  Your finds really fill in the story of [my] family.

- Mr. Heckles, Maryland, USA


Thank you very much for the Family History Report you made for me.  It has been worth every penny, believe me, and is the best Christmas present I have ever received.

- Mrs. Giles, Hull, UK


Your professional knowledge and determination have yielded results which are simply invaluable.  To be able to look back over some 200 years is just amazing.  We are sincerely appreciative of your wonderful service.

- L & C Redmond, Ireland


I've been sat thinking about what an amazing job you have done on working out who's who from the snippets that were available to you in the letters from my grandmother. It is an amazing piece of detective work.

- Mr. Paul Beetham, Leeds, UK.


It's great the way you can get your info so quickly.  You're a good man at your job.  I think you would make a great detective!

- Mr. C. Gildea-Byrne, Ireland


I appreciate all you have done and will highly recommend you to other people.

- Ms. Kowell, Canada


Outstanding services you provide. I have never seen anything so detailed and have learnt so much more about my family history ... what you have achieved for me, is beyond anything i could have hoped for. Thank you. This has so far been an extraordinary ride for me and I appreciate your knowledge in this field.

- Mr. Foster, France



Contact Heir Line

For every package we will aim to trace your direct ancestors (plus information about their siblings) back to your great-great-great grandparents, where sources allow, with the option of taking some lines further back in time, if records are available.

We will provide information about when and where your ancestors were born and baptised; where they lived; when they married; when they died; where they are buried, and what they did for a living.  We use a vast amount of sources (rather than just census records) to discover as much about their lives as possible.  We then tell their stories in a report, packed with information about each and every ancestor, complete with family tree diagrams.  

Our findings will be displayed in a beautiful Family History folder, as shown below, or for an additional £195 in one of our hand-bound Storybooks.  Personalised copies of the reports are available to purchase for other family members.  These make ideal and unique gifts that last a lifetime.


Michael J. Rochford, Heir Line’s head researcher, is extremely competent at undertaking international projects as well as UK-based ones.  He is the chosen genealogist for clients across the globe, and has successfully completed projects based in (to name but a few):

           America (USA)



          British India







          The Netherlands

          Northern Ireland




          South Africa


We work closely with you from the start of the project right until the very end, keeping you up to date at all times with our findings and ensuring that you get the best possible results.  

Commissioning Heir Line gives you the pleasure of discovering your heritage while we do all the work!  (Plus we are very adept at manoeuvring seamlessly round genealogical brick walls that so often block others' paths!)

Above: With a first-class degree in Graphic Design, our in-house designer can create stunning ready-to-frame family trees, showing your direct ancestors and descendants.

So, whether you like the sound of our family history packages, our hand-bound Storybooks or our hourly research and narrative reports, contact us today for an informal chat about your project.  We'd be happy to discuss it with you.



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