Heir Line Ltd. is a professional, thorough and experienced family-run business with a growing international reputation for being at the very top of the family history profession.

Unlike some other genealogists, who may be retired or simply hobbyists offering their services for free, Michael and Caroline Rochford are a young, enthusiastic and highly skilled team with razor-sharp minds and exceptional IT skills, allowing them to find and interpret a wide range of genealogical records quickly and easily.  They have solved countless family history mysteries and knocked down hundreds of annoying “brick walls” that had cropped up in their clients’ own research, even when others had been unable to help.


We offer a thorough “checking” service for our clients, which can be beneficial before you present your findings to your family.  Genealogy can be a tricky subject, and in our experience roughly eight out of ten clients who ask us to check their work have made a mistake somewhere along the line.  Even the slightest error can send the tree in a completely different - and incorrect - direction.  

If you have a tree on Ancestry.co.uk, (or a similar website, or even jotted down on paper), then providing you are happy to allow us access to it, we can spend an hour or two checking your research.  If necessary, we can correct any mistakes and help to knock down any brick walls you may have stumbled across.

Once your research is finished, we have a variety of presentation options for you to consider, including large family trees, ready to frame.

We have access to millions of genealogical records from across the globe, and have the skills to interpret them.  We also have an exceptional track record for successfully knocking down those irritating “brick walls” that so many people inevitably encounter as part of their research.  

We charge £24 per hour and work in blocks of three, five or ten hours at a time, depending on your project, allowing you to control your budget.  At the end of each block we provide you with a full and detailed report, written by a published writer and professional genealogist, outlining our findings.  You are then welcome to commission further blocks of hourly history research, should you wish to.  

Heir Line is not limited to UK records: Michael J. Rochford is extremely competent at undertaking international projects as well.

He is the chosen genealogist for clients across the globe, and has successfully completed ancestry projects based in (to name but a few):

      America (USA)

     ✓ Australia

     ✓ Belgium

     ✓ British India

     ✓ Cyprus

     ✓ England

✓ France

     ✓ Germany

     ✓ Ireland (ROI)

     ✓ Lithuania

     ✓ Luxembourg

     ✓ The Netherlands

     ✓ Northern Ireland

     ✓ Poland

     ✓ Russia

     ✓ Scotland

     ✓ South Africa

     ✓ Wales

Here in Australia we simply don't have people of your calibre.  No other genealogist has been able to solve this mystery - I’ve just been offered refunds all the time.

- Ms. M. Doyle, Australia.


Michael is extremely professional in the work he has undertaken for me, keeping me well informed on progress and sending reports that are full of detailed information.  He undertakes the work with great enthusiasm and interest, and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone looking to trace their ancestors.

- Ms. Ros Bott, Professional Genealogist, Warwickshire, UK


I would highly recommend Michael and Heir Line for any genealogy research in the UK!

- Dr. Steven W. Hammond, M.D., Montana, USA.


This is excellent [work].

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

- Mr. Barnett (Attorney), New York, USA


Thank you Michael, you are doing a great job and it is nice to see there are still people out there that do things thoroughly and professionally, your work is a credit to you.

- Mrs. A., Australia


We will get to the bottom of this mystery!  It is not an easy one - several people have been looking at this for years... you are the right person to solve it!

- Mr. Ellis, Washington, USA


It's great the way you can get your info so quickly.  You're a good man at your job.  I think you would make a great detective!

- Mr. C. Gildea-Byrne, Ireland


We are enjoying our journey into the history of our extended Irish-English families.  Your professional knowledge and determination have yielded results which are simply invaluable.  To be able to look back over some 200 years is just amazing.  We are sincerely appreciative of your wonderful service.

- L & C Redmond, Shankill, Co. Dublin, Ireland


I appreciate all you have done and will highly recommend you to other people.

- Ms. Kowell, Canada


Michael Rochford is our British recommended researcher.

- Ms. Heather McAllister, Professional Genealogist, South Africa.


Wow. Many thanks.. excellent work!! Your finds really fill in the story of [my] family.  You certainly have a marvelous talent for separating the wheat from the chaff.

- Mr. Heckles, Maryland, USA


You are again a genius!  That's brilliant [work]!

- Ms. Boyle, Yorkshire.



Whether you’re a hobbyist genealogist researching your own family tree, or a professional family historian working for your own clients, Heir Line can help with any aspect of your work.  We also offer a transcription service, transcribing old documents that may be difficult to read, such as Medieval/Tudor/Elizabethan wills as well as Jacobean subsidies, manoral records and court rolls.

Please contact Michael J. Rochford, professional West Yorkshire-based genealogist, for an informal discussion about your project - mike@heir-line.co.uk - 01924 314363

Contact Heir Line


If you are tracing your own family history - perhaps on websites such as Ancestry, Genes Reunited or Find My Past - then we offer a checking service.  We will spend some time combing through your findings, verifying your discoveries and adding any additional information.

Whilst we work with clients all around the world, we are situated close to the West Yorkshire Archive Service as well as the Borthwick Institute at York University, North Yorkshire, so we are able to go in person to find the records you need.  We can also travel to churches and graveyards within the Yorkshire region, or beyond, to find and photograph headstones, or even the houses, streets and buildings where your ancestors lived and worked.  


Between them Michael and Caroline have attracted much media interest in the ancestral stories they’ve discovered; and Caroline has had several history books published by Amberley and Pen & Sword.  Michael has also been commissioned by Pen & Sword to write local history books, and both are busy working on future titles.  

For more information about Heir Line's history books, click here.


Do you have difficulty reading old English writing?  We have many years' experience of reading and transcribing old documents, from Medieval wills, 14th century poll tax records and 16th century subsidy rolls to Georgian and Victorian wills and inventories, and even earlier manor court rolls.

Our old document transcription service is charged by the hour, at £24 per hour.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Above: an example of an early 18th-century Last Will and Testament we were recently commissioned to transcribe in full.  Don't know what it says?  Don't worry - we do!




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