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Thank you very much for the Family History Report you made for me.  It has been worth every penny, believe me, and is the best Christmas present I have ever received.

- Mrs. Giles, Kirk Ella, Hull, England.

You guys rock!!! Happy a million times over!! You are very professional in your approach,  much appreciated.  I have been more than happy with your service and am so grateful for your help!  From your FAVOURITE Melbournian.

- Lesley W., Melbourne, Australia.

I have been very happy with the research and with your commitment to it, and have recommended you to a number of friends and colleagues.

- Mr. K., Barnsley, England

This is excellent [work].

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

- Mr. Barnett (Attorney), New York, United States of America

It's great the way you can get your info so quickly.  You're a good man at your job.  I think you would make a great detective!

- Mr. C. Gildea-Byrne, Ireland

Many thanks for the Report.  A fascinating life [my ancestor] certainly had.  I feel I have got to know him much better now thanks to this detail you have provided me with.


- Mr. Parrish, South of England

Thank you, Mike - we will get to the bottom of this mystery!  It is not an easy one - several people have been looking at this for years... you are the right person to solve it!

- Mr. Ellis, Washington D.C., United States of America

Michael is extremely professional in the work he has undertaken for me, keeping me well informed on progress and sending reports that are full of detailed information.  He undertakes the work with great enthusiasm and interest, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to trace their ancestors.

- Ms. Ros Bott, Warwickshire, England

Email: mike@heir-line.co.uk          Tel: 01924 314363          Mob: 07525 192579

(c) Heir Line Ltd 2015

Registered company number 06527525.  Registered in England.  Registered Office: 6 Denhale Avenue, Wakefield (near Leeds), West Yorkshire, WF2 9EF


Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!  Amazing - thank you very, very much.  The most exciting part of the tree for me was discovering my long lost cousin.  I’m dying to speak to them and meet up perhaps.  I just can’t believe it - you are fantastic, did you know that?

You have changed my life.

- Mrs. Pepworth, Bridlington, England

You are again a genius!  It’s amazing that you’ve found the record of my grandmother ALMOST boarding the Titanic!

That’s brilliant!

- Ms. Boyle, Wakefield, England.

I am so delighted with the Storybook!!!  It looks amazing and you have done such a fantastic job!  Thank you so much for all your hard work!  I am really looking forward to reading it as I know my parents are too.

- Ms. Maria Jones, International Opera Singer.

We are enjoying our journey into the history of our extended Irish-English families.  Your professional knowledge and determination have yielded results which are simply invaluable.  To be able to look back over some 200 years is just amazing.  We are sincerely appreciative of your wonderful service.

- L & C Redmond, Shankill, Co. Dublin, Ireland

You're wonderful; my hero.

Here in Australia we simply don't have people of your calibre.  The Scottish records seem to have been the biggest hurdles, and no other genealogists have been able to solve this mystery - I’ve just been offered refunds all the time.  Thank you again and when we come over to England next year my partner and I would love to meet and thank you in person.

- Ms. M. Doyle, Australia.

Michael Rochford is our British recommended researcher.

- Ms. Heather McAllister, Professional Genealogist, South Africa.

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“This is amazing!  How do I get one of these books?  I would love to [find out about my family history.]”

-f1rocksvanessa, Serbia

“This is the first time i have come across such a site as yours. I never cared much about my ancestry because i always felt out of place within my own family. The work you do helps us think more deeply about our roots in a more positive light. It’s brilliant.“

- Shuen Li

“You are wonderful storytellers – such an interesting way of recording family history.”

- Kiwicommunicator, Hamilton, New Zealand

What an interesting blog with nice stories!
Really great ideas!


“You write so convincingly, with such apt selection of detail and description

- happyflowerwordzoo002

“That’s such a great way to approach writing a novel!  We had a number of odd items passed down our family line that are still a mystery as to what they were or why they were thought important! Nobody knows any more.“

- Sharlee Plett

“What a great concept! Must be fascinating work.”

- Christy

“Your blog is real awesome. I just love it.”

- chandrashekhara

“What a beautiful story!  [I found] some lovely stories [on your site]. This one spoke to me a lot!”

- Cuenca Files, Ecuador

“i love what you do and i love the stories that you are sharing… from touching to shake your head unbelievable! do you guys do anything with adoption records or finding birth families?“

- kristi anne

“What you do is fascinating and a touch romantic too it seems.”

- Karen

Wonderful idea for a blog, book, and job. My hat is off to you. Best of luck.”

- Linda Hartong

What a treat to read this!! You have some great poetic skills too!!”

- joyful2bee

“I love the tin and the book sounds amazing… “

- Emma

“Your subject matter is fascinating so I reckon you’ll have no trouble [getting your novel published]”

- thurstanbassett

“A fascinating story – you guys make history (and of course family history) so appealing.”

- Jan Edwards

You’ve done such a great job and we thank you so much.  You really do something special for people and their families.

- Ms. A. Collett & family, Australia

It’s been a great project and I’m rather sorry it is coming to an end!  Your enthusiasm and commitment has been great.  Thanks!  [My wife] is going to love [reading her report]!  My slight concern is that Christmas Lunch may be postponed - or even cancelled!  We will be in touch next year [for more research]!

- Mr. Richardson, Wiltshire, England

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...Blog Comments...
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Michael did a fantastic job in his research of our family in England, Wales and Ireland! The research was thorough, professional and we received reports on his research progress very quickly. I was extremely impressed with the way his research brought our ancestors to life. Not only was he able to find the "barebones" of genealogical information such as birth dates, marriages, parents and children, but he found interesting details that added "flesh" to the skeleton and helped us understand these ancestors lives and even (I think) their character. I would highly recommend Michael and Heir Line for any genealogy research in the UK!

- Dr. Steven W. Hammond, M.D., Montana, USA.

I've been sat thinking about what an amazing job you have done on working out who's who from the snippets that were available to you in the letters [from my grandmother].  It is an amazing piece of detective work.

- Mr. Paul Beetham, Chairman of Kingfisher Windows, West Yorkshire.

Michael Rochford of Heir Line is a very able genealogist, who I'm sure will be able to establish [a client’s family history].  Michael R is University trained and established his own company, as above.  He and his partner Caroline have earned plaudits for efficient and speedy family history researches from as far afield as Canada, America and Australia.

- Mr. Colin Brook, Wales, godson of T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia).

I can’t believe how much

my dad loves your report.  He’s now planning to go to the places his ancestors were buried to find their gravestones!!  Cheerful!

- Ms. Helen Talbot, Oulton, West Yorkshire.

Thank you for what is a great piece of work in putting our family tree together. Very impressed by the depth and detail you have gone to and produced. It is a remarkable and thoroughly professional piece of work.

- Mr. and Mrs. Jowett, North Yorkshire, England